Social Service

-Social Service: There is one sister working as fulltime Social Worker from Shanthi Bhavan, Meerganj, in the villages,under the Social Work Centre of Bareilly Diocese. 

-Working Women's Hostel: The one such hostel that we have is in Clare Bhavan, Delhi.

-Free Boarding: 30 Christian girls from far away villages are accommodated in the Free Boarding in St. Francis Convent, Bareilly. They study in the Hindi Medium which is up to Class VIII.

-Home for the Aged: KARUNA BHAVAN is the Old age Home of the Province. It is attached with the Provincial House in Bareilly and presently accommodates seven ladies. 


-Informal Education: Nearly 30 children from the Lepers' colony are taught every year and they are admitted in the schools for regular studies. One sister from Fatima Convent, Shahjahanpur is involved in this apostolate.

-Tailoring Centre at Meerganj-About 60 girls are trained every year. The maintenance & payment for the trainer is provided by Shanthi Bhawan Community

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