San Francisco Province, Bareilly

“Go in to all the world and proclaim to the good news to the whole creation” {MK16:15}

San Francisco province is the offshoot of Seraphic Province, Palakkad, which in turn came in to existence when Thrissur province was divided in to three separate units namely Thrissur, Irinjalakuda, and Palakkad. When it was divided in 1979 the then Palakkad Vice

Province got two mission stations in Lucknow Diocese. The missionary zeal felt by the sisters of the Province urged them to make the mission in to a region if sufficient number of sisters opts for the mission. Later in the option held in 1999 the number increased to 42. The new ‘San Francisco Region’ Bareilly, was officially declared by the then Superior General Rev. Mother Marianna with the help of Rev. Sr.  Jeremy the then Provincial Superior of Seraphic Province,Palakkad  on 17th  September 2000.Rev. Sr. Tracila was appointed as the first regional Superior .

 After ten years of being a Region, Rev .Mother Sinclare, the superior general and Rev.Sr.Chiset the province,  Palakkad took initiative to elevate it in to a independent Province.So the procedures were completed and after the 1st provincial Election Synaxis,the 1st provincial team of San Francisco Province was elected on 16th February 2011.New Provincial Sr.Mary Elesia, Asst. Provincial Sr.Elsa Grace, Councilors  Sr. Raisy , Sr. Clare and  Sr. Lismin, Finance Officer Sr. Roselin and Secretary Sr. Julie constituted the first provincial team .

Superior General Rev. Mother Sinclare declared San Francisco Region as a province on 17th February 2011 during the solemn Eucharistic celebration. Thus San Francisco province has become the 21st province of FCC with 50 members and ten houses spread over 5 Diocese{Bareilly Diocese-4,Lucknow Diocese-3,Delhi Arch Diocese-1,Gorakhpur-1,Palakkad -1}. Now San Francisco Province has 14 convents and 62 members.Let us have a glance at the various convents of FCC Bareilly province.

1.Fatima F.C. Convent  Shahjahanpur,U.P{ Bareilly Diocese} 

Shahjahanpur is the name denotes has a historical background. It is believed that this district was given to Shahjahan –the Mughal emperor –as the dowry of one of his wives. Fatima F.C. Convent is located in the cantt area and the Church that we use as the Parish Church-St. Raphael’s church bears several plaques bearing the name of the Christian Military Officers killed during the ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ in 1857. Shahjahanpur was a part of the Arch Diocese of Agra and in 1940 it became a part of the Diocese of Lucknow. Accordingly, six sisters came to Shahjahanpur on 20th Jan 1974 to be on the staff of St. Paul’s Parish school. Besides teaching, sisters are doing Sacristan work in the parish, teaching Catechism, during prayer meetings, in charge of youth etc. The Diocese has given us the old prayer hall in the cantonment area where we have started free education for children from Leper’s colony. We completed 38 years of service in this area and we are grateful to God for all the blessings specially to make known Jesus in this non-Christian land.

2.St. John’s convent, Gola {Lucknow Diocese}

This convent has its beginning 1977.In October 1979 the foundation stone for the convent was laid and in November 1980 most Rev.Cecil D’Sa then Bishop of Lucknow blessed and inaugurated the convent. Besides the main apostolate of teaching, the sisters do help in the parish work and Sunday Catechism, preparation for first Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriages. Conducting prayer meetings in the families and mission stations are all part of the apostolate of this mission .

3.Sacred Heart Convent, Lakhimpur {Lucknow Diocese}

Way back on 1st July 1980 the F.C.C. was asked to open a convent at Lakhimpur by Rev.Cecil D’ Souza the then Bishop of Lucknow. The main apostolate work at Lakhimpur   is teaching in the school and assisting the parish. The sisters are in close contact with the village. There are only a few Christian families in the parish. But now they take active part in the Church activities with the guidance and support of the sisters. Sisters also teach Catechism, do family visits and take care of English Medium well as Hindi Medium to support the priests in charge.

4. St. Francis convent & School, Bareilly

St. Francis convent was founded at Bareilly on 25th June 1986.The foundation stone of the School was laid by late Bishop Alan De Lastic then Bishop of Lucknow.It was wise and prudent  from the part of Lucknow Diocese to allow us to start a School of our own,to give us a safer footing and a strong motivation to take up new ventures.Late Sr.Adolphus,the then mission Superior and late Fr. Raymond were the inspiring persons of this institution .When Lucknow Diocese was devided in to Lucknow & Bareilly in 1989,this convent came under Bareilly Diocese .Then growth of St. Francis School was very fast under the leadership of Rev. Sr. Tracila.Within few years it became one of the leading Schools  in  Bareilly .We have opened a Hindi medium School for the low income group. In the parish too we contribute our share of time and work.Our Community members take turn to make family visits and pray with them.There is a free boarding with 30 girls[Catholics]and they study in Hindi medium from class I-VIII.


5.Clare Bhawan, New Delhi {Delhi Archdiocese}

To have a house in the Arch Diocese of Delhi for the convenience of our travelling and give shelter to the working girls was a dream of our province. Several attempts were made earlier, but it materialized only in 1998 .On 10th September 1998 ,the new house ”Clare Bhawan was blessed and inaugurated by late ArchBishop Alan De Lastic, then the ArchBishop of Delhi . ”A part of this house is used as hostel for working girls .In July 1999 we started a Nursery School to have more contact and rapport with the local people .Jail ministry also is a part of our apostolate here. Sisters from this house are assisting in three parishes (syro-malabar) including catechism, preparation for first Holy Communion, confirmation etc. Since this house is situated in the capital of our country they get a lot of opportunities to show our Franciscan fraternity to a number of people, priests and sisters.

6.Shanthi  Bhawan, Meerganj { Bareilly Diocese }

Shanthi Bhawan is located at Meerganj 30km. away from Bareilly. The house and church were blessed by Most Rev. Antony Fernandez Bishop of Bareilly on 2nd October 1999. At Present sisters have a dispensary where more than 5000 people from different villagers come annually. Along with medicine they give Jesus to them. A Tailoring class is running under the supervision of sisters and almost 60 girls get training in a year. Sisters are engaged in social work too as a part of the diocesan social work society. Now there are 28 self help groups spread in 15 villages. The name of Jesus is known to all the non- Christian of Meerganj.

Sisters are an integral part of “Prabhu Dham” ashram under V.C. fathers which is a Charismatic prayer center with daily adoration (12 hours), prayer services night vigils and Bible conventions where a lot of people from far and near gather in the church. Sisters preach the Word of God during vigils and conventions, not only in local level but also in out stations along with V.C. fathers. Shanthi Bhawan has an atmosphere, suitable for F.C.C formation. So it is also a formation house for candidates of Pre-Postulancy Phase-I. 

7.San Francisco mission house, Palakkad {Palakkad Diocese}

When the mission of Seraphic province had grown up in to a region ,it became a pressing need to have a house in Kerala for the mission especially for holidays and vocation promotion.It is provided by mother province- Seraphic province,Palakkad .The sisters of this house are engaged variety of apostolate.They teach Sunday Catichism in St. Raphel’s Cathedral parish,animator of S.F.O(Secular Franciscan Order),spiritual preparation for marriages, preparing  persons of other religion for Baptism,helping Capuchin priests in their orphanage,looking after the chapel and extending help whenever they are in need.They go for jail ministery ,house visiting and also intense vocation promotion.Vocation camps are also conducted in the mission house.Sisters those who go for vocation (home visit)have a comfortable stay over there and enjoy their hospitality .

8.St. Agnes F.C. Convent Lucknow {Diocese of Lucknow}

St. Agnes F.C. Convent   materialized as a response to the invitation of Most Rev. Dr. Albret D’Souza then Bishop of Lucknow Diocese to start special school on 19-9-2001. St. Agnes Convent was officially inaugurated by Most Rev. Dr. Albret D’Souza. In 2003 Navdeep Vishisht Vidyalaya special school for children with mental retardation made its humble beginning .Sisters are running the school under the guidance of Lucknow Diocese .Sisters are engaged in family visits ,Sacristy work, free tuition, Sunday Catechism, looking after the alter servers ,friends of Jesus, Youth and Mahila groups in the parish ,preparing them for various activities in the parish and diocese, first Holy Communion ,Confirmation and Marriage preparation , preparing  persons of other religion for Baptism. They do jail ministry too. Since it is in the heart of city, our sisters from the province are helped by them for all medical checkup and comfortable stay over there for treatment.

9.Pushpa Sadan, Salempur { Diocese of Gorakhpur }

Pushpa Sadan was established on 18th July 1984and it belongs to C.S.T. fathers. Originally F.C.C. sisters from Bhopal province were working there. They were engaged in teaching in Little Flower School and also social work in the surrounding villages. On 7-3-2002 in the presence of C.S.T. Provincial Rev. Fr. John Olickal provincial superior of Bhopal province Lissy Jose handed over the convent to the regional superior of Bareilly Sr. Tracila. Sisters teach in the school of C.S.T. fathers  look after the parish ,teach Catechism and do house visiting .

10.San Francisco Provincial House ,Bareilly { Diocese of Bareilly }

San Francisco Region was born in the year 2000. The infancy time of the region was spent in St. Francis convent Bareilly. After becoming a region, a plot adjacent to St. francis Convent was bought and the foundation stone for the Regional House was laid by Most Rev. Antony Fernadez, Bishop of Bareilly in the presence of many fathers and sisters. The completed house was blessed by Bishop Antony Fernadez on 22nd November 2003.Then the regional Superior Sr. Tracila and team shifted from St. Francis to this house. Candidates were brought to regional house for studies.

In the same compound a home for the aged was constructed. ‘Karuna Bhawan’ was blessed on 16th June 2007 by Most Rev. Antony Fernadez, Bishop of Bareilly. At present there are six inmates. Perpetual adoration from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.at Karuna Bhawan also started as an Adoration centre of the province.

 When the region was elevated to a province on 17th February 2011, the regional house was also changed in to provincial house. The provincial house members teach in the school, look after the Hindi medium, assist in the parish, prepare adults for Baptism and help the poor and downtrodden of this area by house visiting, moral, financial and spiritual help. We arrange the Holy mass and confession in Malyalam for the spiritual upliftment of migrants who are working in the different hospitals of Bareilly.

11.  Francis Bhawan - Kakori { Diocese of Lucknow }

4 acres of land was bought at Kakori under diocese of Lucknow in 2009 with the intentions of starting a special school for mental challenged children. At present a convent – Francis Bhawan and a formation house are under construction. The foundation stone for the same was laid on 14th July 2012…………………

12. Assisi Bhavan Chaubattia { Diocese of Bareilly }

New Community, the 12th Convent of San Francisco Province, Bareilly- Assisi Bhavan Chaubattia in Uttarakhand inaugurated. When the FMM sisters who were staying in ‘Assisi Bhavan’ for the last 23 years, left from the diocese on their own, we FCC – Bareilly, took it up on the invitation of Bishop Ignatius D’ Souza, so that the good works of that mission would be continued without interruption. It is a divine providence that as one Franciscan Congregation left the place, it was taken up by another Franciscan Congregation.

20th February – Provincial Sr. Mary Elesia and sisters were welcomed at Ranikhet by the parish priest Rev. Fr. Shaji Christopher, as they were on their way to Chaubattia. It belongs to Ranikhet parish. On 21st February 2015 Sr. Litty Rose was installed as the Local Superior of the new house Assisi Bhavan. Sr. Elsy John & Sr. Tesmin joined her as members. Thus the 12th Convent of San Francisco Province, Bareilly was born in the Himalayas, 7500 feet from the sea level.

13. St. Alphonsa Convent Fatehganj (West) {Diocese of Bareilly}

Five acres of land at Fatehganj, Bareilly was purchased in the year 2007 and 2008 for the convent & school. Foundation stone for St. Alphonsa convent was laid by Most Rev. Ignatius D’ Souza Bishop of Bareilly on 28.03.2015. It was inaugurated and blessed on 28th May 2018 by the same Bishop.


14. Anugraha Ashram - Sitarganj { Diocese of Bareilly }

 Anugraha Ashram at Sitarganj is a vibrant spirituality center. where genuine Seekers irrespective of caste and creed worship the Lord. The spiritual term ‘Anugraha’ means ‘Divine Blessings’. The purpose of the Ashram is to have continues prayers every day, conduct retreats, conventions, Bible courses and training to the new evangelists. The Simple style and vegetarianism helps the seekers to grow in faith through worship, teaching, and witness. renewal in life through prayer, healing & sharing. Rev. Fr. Rudolf Rodrigues, the Director of the Ashram (Acharya) is the pioneering missionary of the place who along with his charismatic prayer team and catechists conducts prayers meetings in and around the place. The Most Rev. Ignatius D’ Souza Bishop of Bareilly, invited the Sisters of  FCC from San Francisco Province Bareilly. Superiors agreed to send two sisters to collaborate in the mission of the Church at Anugraha Ashram, Sitarganj, Udham Singh Nagar District, Uttarakhand where the Diocese has an established Ashram cum Parish. Thus on 22nd June 2017, 14th Convent ( Residence) began to function with two members Sr. Jessin & Sr. Latha Maria. Bishop renovated the building adjacent to the Ashram, for the stay of the sisters.

New Attempts: Little flower School Jungle ekla, Gorakhpur & Jamshedpur mission 


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